Virtual Event


New Civil Engineer’s Future of Transport virtual conference delivered a week of virtual talks, panels, case studies and debates, discussing the opportunities ahead and critical projects in the Bridges, Airports, Rail and Roads sectors.


Future of Bridges


The Future of Brides day will give you expert insight into recent design and construction innovations across the bridges sectors and understanding of the challenges faced by recent failures across the globe.

The programme will also give you updates from clients who are designing and procuring future bridge schemes and what they are seeking from engineers, contractors and suppliers.

Programme highlights:

  • Case study: constructing the new Morandi bridge in the wake of a disaster and pandemic
  • Protecting bridges from climate change and identifying at risk structures

Future of Airports


The Future of Airports day will bring together the leaders from airport operators, architects, engineers, contractors and their supply chain at a pivotal time for the aviation sector as it assesses the short-long term impact of Covid-19.

The programme will focus on three key themes – airport development, sustainability and innovation – through a series of high-level keynotes, panel debates, operator briefings and technical talks. 

Programme highlights:

  • Mapping passenger demand in a post Brexit-UK and post-Covid-19?
  • Exploring the latest design and delivery strategies of major operators and sharing best practice from a range of exemplar projects

Future of Roads


The Future of Roads day will explore the future challenges and opportunities facing the roads sector and provide you with insight from industry-leading experts in the fields of sustainability, project management, technology integration and future investment planning.

Join us to hear more about generational projects from key agencies, how changing car usage is impacting long-term investment plans and what this will all mean for the supply chain.  

Programme highlights:

  • Delivering benefits through Infrastructure: Highways England’s approach to building more than just a road
  • How will local authorities improving highways asset management for the 2020s and beyond?

Future of Rail


The Future of Rail day will examine the investment opportunities and technical challenges across the UK rail sector and discuss how rail and station designs have been impacted by Covid-19 and what it means for the next generation of schemes.

You will also hear from major clients such as Network Rail, TfL, HS2 and Transport for the North on how there are adapting to critical issues such as climate change and using technology to improve productivity. 

Programme highlights:

  • Debating the impact that the rise of rail hubs and stations as destinations has for their design and delivery?
  • Using technology to drive productivity in rail projects and discussing how it is changing procurement

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