Joanna Whittington

3 - 4 July 2018 | Inmarsat, London

Industry expert

 Joanna Whittington

Joanna Whittington

ORR , chief executive

Joanna was appointed Chief Executive of ORR in February 2017. She joined ORR’s board in March 2014 as executive director of railway markets and economics and was responsible for ORR's longer term economic regulatory role including planning for the next funding period. She was interim Chief Executive from January 2016.

As an economic consultant specialising in transport, she is well acquainted with the rail industry and has also served as ORR's director of economics and finance leading on the periodic review in 1998.  She subsequently joined the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) in 1999. In her last role as partner in the markets division at Ofgem, she was responsible for regulation of the wholesale gas and electricity markets.

Prior to that, Joanna held a number of senior posts including director of strategy and director of gas distribution. She has also spearheaded many vital projects to improve information and reporting standards of the industry as well as significant legislative changes.

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